Tips for storing water in your emergency kit

Here in the Pacific Northwest, experts recommend we store 14 gallons of water per person (and pet) in our household. How and where do you store all that water?

Throughout September’s National Preparedness Month, we are sharing emergency preparedness tips and resources through Employee News, social media, our website, and at local events.

This week, our focus is, “Storing Water.”

Whether you buy water from the store, or fill your own containers from the tap, there are some basic rules to follow:

•Make sure your containers are food grade and tightly sealed
•Avoid using glass containers, and don’t use milk or juice containers
•Store your water in a cool, dark place
•Keep unscented chlorine bleach in your emergency kit for disinfecting the water before you drink it

The Regional Water Providers Consortium has lots of tips and videos on water storage on their website. Check it out here:

Got space issues?

If you live in a small house, or you’re just baffled about where to store so much water, EWEB’s video on water storage might be helpful. Check it out here, and find more info on our website